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Q: Where do I find your other Sportswear Products besides the ones that are listed under products?
A: There are two links that appear at the top of our Home page of our website.  One is called "Brand Name Apparel / Team Uniforms" and the other "Athletic Apparel". Both links will lead you to our other performance sportswear products and show you a complete catalog. Follow the instructions for purchasing items.

Q: How can I view the status of my order?
A: Go to the top of the Home Page and click on "Order Status". This page lists all your orders. Click the date of the order you wish to view.

Q: What are your shipping costs?
A: You can view an estimate of shipping costs by viewing your cart. However, final shipping costs will be displayed on the Invoice you see before confirming your order.

Q: What is the shipping time?
A: Shipping time varies, depending on if it is in stock or not, but usually the product will ship within 7 days. Special orders take longer. 

Q: Do I have to order a certain number of products at a time?
A: Only on special orders.

Q: How is PRO163 Compression Wear different from the competition?

  • PRO163 products are made out of Lycra /nylon. Lycra is the best material for flexibility and actual muscle enhancement. Lycra has been proven to provide better performance for athletes.
  • Our compression shirts are a 6-oz Lycra/nylon whereas our competition uses a 5-oz blend.
  • Our  are an 8-oz Lycra/nylon for stronger compression on your powerhouse legs and buttocks rather than at a 5-7-oz nylon/polyester/Lycra blend used by the competition (polyester does not wick or compress).compression shorts
  • Our winter wear is 12-oz polypropylene with superior thermal properties that prevent heat loss, whereas the competition uses a 6.8-7-oz polyester blend (polyester does not wick or compress)
  • PRO163 compression products are made in America!!
  • We can do custom designs and colors, screen printing or embroidery.
  • We have a UPF rating of 50+ and our competition has a UPF rating of 30+.

Q: What if I don't see what I want? 

A: Contact us! We at PRO163 will do everything we can to help you find what you are looking for; we can do custom styles and colors. We have access to 100's of styles to be your one stop shop. It is our pleasure to serve you. 

Q: What is PRO163's return policy?
A: See our Customer Service link from the Home Page.

Q: How can I return an item?
A: Contact us via phone (315-492-0874) or email (pro163@earthlink.net) or see the customer service link on the Home Page

Q: How is PRO163 Compression gear suppose to fit?
A: Pro163's compression gear is designed to give the wearer a tight fit for maximum benefits. If it's not tight, it won't protect and enhance like it's suppose to. Please use size charts for proper sizing.

Q: Are there any other uses for Compression Wear?
A: It has been proven to significantly help Autistic Children and is being used for that purpose.

Q: How do I Care for PRO163 Compression Wear?
A: Machine wash regular Compression garments, pads and Girdles in warm water with mild detergent. For best results and durability, we recommend that you hang dry. Do not bleach or iron. Pads can be left in Football Girdles during washing. For Polypropylene (Winter wear), machine wash garments in warm water with mild detergent. Hang dry only; Do not put in the dryer! Do not bleach or iron.